As of last month, we’ve officially been granted the registered trademark for the LR symbol and name Laser Red®.

Thanks to our experienced consultant who guided us through the process, we achieved our trademark status for the Laser Red brand.


Why are we trademarking our name?

It protects us and it protects our clients. By trademarking our brand name, we can ensure that no one can easily imitate or replicate us online with the intention of duping genuine clients.

We’re one of a kind and we’d like to keep it that way!

Sounds like a good idea! Was it a complicated process?

Not really. The entire process took about a month in all, though there were gaps, so we’re not talking 30 days from start to finish.

This time included discussing getting the right trademark information with the consultant, who wrote and submitted the application on our behalf. Once submitted, it was a wait of around 4-6 months until we got the green light. This is so they have enough time for anyone to counter the trademark.

Although there are quite a few hoops to jump through, trademarking a brand name is quite straightforward.

It has to be unique, and you can only trademark specific combinations of words, colours, sounds and logos.

Obviously, if you want to trademark your own brand name, you need to make sure it is not too generic. Laser Red is a unique combination. However, if our name was ‘Green Grass’ our consultant would not be able to trademark it for us.

Are there any other benefits?

Trademarking the Laser Red brand name gives us a number of benefits;

Against Competition

We are in a better position should anyone ever create a similar company within the same industry.

Asset Protection

Following on from the above, trademarking also protects us against anyone who might use our assets, such as our logo, without permission.

Credibility & Trust

Our trademark gives us credibility and builds trust. Only certain companies can trade mark their brand if they meet the right criteria so it gives us a higher level of professionalism.


The trademark extends beyond Grimsby and Lincolnshire, meaning that our logo is secure across the country.