Have you ever felt inclined to order from a website offering ‘Free Next Day Delivery’ or order from the same restaurant because it’s ‘Two For Tuesday’?

Many of us do this unconsciously and believe we are getting some kind of ‘deal’. Little do you know, subconsciously you are being manipulated by smart marketers who are using psychological tactics to incline you into buying more and returning again. Using psychological influences on your audience to encourage buying tendencies is part of every smart marketers tool box.

Understanding the psychological behaviour of your consumers is what makes these ‘smart marketers’ stand out from the rest. However, each individual is different and not every psychological tactic is going to yield the same results. Using what we understand about common behavioural habits, we can make conclusions on what can steer the consumer in the right direction. But why do we do it and how can it help you to ‘persuade’ your consumers to buy more?

Emotional Triggers

We know that emotions influence purchases and are the core of consumer decisions. But why does it work so well? Because every person has emotional triggers and will individually have some kind of want, need or desire which varies depending on the target demographic. So as marketers, we use this to our advantage and create effective ad copy that resonates with the consumer and makes them want to buy.

Everyone is looking at how the product can benefit THEM and so, to effectively use emotional triggers, it’s important to use the word YOU throughout the ad copy. Why is the consumer thinking about when searching for your product? What do they want to achieve and why?

Fear of Missing Out

Fear of missing out on offers, deals and countdowns is a huge factor within online shopping and marketers can use this within their ad copy to increase traffic. The key to instilling this fear within the searcher is creating urgency such as an online sale for today only or you will not get a free trial if you do not sign up today.

The simplest way to achieve this is by using ad customiser countdowns within your ad copy. Ad customisers are dynamic ad parameters that allow an advertiser to include sale countdowns, limited promotions and special deals that update in real time. For a marketer, they are a lifesaver!

Think Outside The Box

Believe it or not, there is a scientific method known as the ‘Bizarreness Effect’ which has proven that people tend to remember unusual material over common material. Not many marketers use this ‘Bizarreness Effect’ because it can be a hit or a miss and most people don’t want the risk. Little do they know, by using this to their advantage, performance can skyrocket and build your relationship with a consumer as well as driving traffic. We all search on Google but how many times do we see an ad that humours us or intrigues us?

Instead of writing lots of bizarre ad copy, try to analyse the competition, channel your inner comedian and brainstorm the most effective language that could resonate with your audience.

Don’t Sweat It!

Understanding the psychological behaviour of your consumers and implementing specific strategies within your ad text can be difficult so why not let Laser Red take care of it for you. Contact us on marketing@laser.red.