Live chat has been around for a while now, but we still see a lot of websites without it. They’re missing a trick!

In case you’ve never seen it, live chat is a way for website users to chat online with the people behind the website – usually sales or support staff – in their own private instant messaging window.

1. Improve your customer satisfaction

Live chat is great for getting chatting with current customers online. They may only need a few minutes of your time to ask a questions or get some info, and it can be a real benefit for the client who is most likely in a rush but didn’t have the time to call you and couldn’t wait long enough for an email reply.

2. Increase lead and sales

For getting started with the new lead, live chat can be really handy. Most new users to your website will have a look around and have a question at some point. They think, “wouldn’t it be great if I knew XYZ, oh wait I can ask them on live chat”. Problem solved!

You can also make sure you capture the leads details to market to them later if they didn’t convert during the chat session. Better than never knowing who they were or what the wanted.

44% of online consumers say that having questions answered by a live person while in the middle of an online purchase is one of the most important features a Web site can offer.

3. Cut down costs and wasted time

Wasting time replying to emails and answering phone calls can really hurt a business. Live chat can help a businesses staff make better use of their time because they can manage multiple chat’s with different people all at once.

It also makes for a really useful way to sort out any time-wasting clients who aren’t really interested in using you. Before they email asking for that quote you could ping over some quick questions while chatting to verify their intent to buy.

4. Beat the competition to the answer

If your competition don’t have live chat on their website that’s great news for you. By adding it you instantly make yourself more available for your potential customers to reach out to you before your competition. What client isn’t going to opt for a quick, easy and instant response above waiting for an email reply.

5. It’s extremely easy!

There are plenty of live chat platforms out there for use on your website. We recommend using LiveChatInc as it’s extremely easy to use and setup on your website. You can even use it on your computer, tablet or smartphone.

The system allows lots of extra features such as tracking customer service ratings, so you can improve your support and it also let’s you customise the look of the chat box so it matches your website.

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