Whether you’re a Spotify user or not, the power of voice advertising is something your business should be investing in. In fact, ads on Spotify are said to have a 25% higher engagement rate than any other form of media advertising.

Who is Spotify?

Spotify is the world’s largest streaming platform, outperforming alternatives such as Apple Music and Prime Music Unlimited. Spotify comes in two versions; the free version which contains voice advertising between tracks (much like listening to the radio), display and video advertising and, a premium version without the ads. There are 422 million users of Spotify worldwide with 182 million of these paying for the full version.

How do Spotify Adverts Work?

Spotify adverts consist of a range of audio, video and podcast adverts. These adverts are made up of audios or videos averaging between 15-30 seconds. The platform itself has a range of audience settings which will allow you to accurately target the best listeners for your business. You can reach your audience within a certain radius, postcode area, or the whole of the UK that meet a particular demographic. The audiencing possibilities are endless, ensuring you capture your audience when they listening with intent.

Types of advertisements

We’ve touched on the basics, so let’s take a look at the type of advertisements available through the Spotify platform.

Audio Adverts

Audio advertising allows you to create a connection with customers through voice ads.

You can guarantee that your message can be heard loud and clear while the user is engaged in listening. Sending traffic directly to your website, app or social media pages through 1 click is easy with digital audio advertising. Audio adverts will appear between songs while there are no distractions, so your audience can focus on your message.

Video Adverts

Showcase your creativity with Spotify video ads by allowing your message to be both seen and heard.

With video adverts on Spotify there’s no reason to restrict yourself to visuals and subtitles, you can catch your audience’s attention both through their eyes and ears. You might be wondering how can Spotify ensure that the user is looking at your advert when it plays? Spotify uses an “in-focus” feature that will only trigger your advert when the user is looking directly at their device!

Podcast Adverts

Podcasts tell a story, and so can your adverts. Running your adverts alongside engaging podcasts can help your listeners connect with businesses on a new level. According to Spotify, “41% of podcast listeners trust ads more if they hear them during a podcast”.

The number of podcast listeners are on the rise, according to Spotify’s Newsroom, last year in 2021 1.2 million new podcasts were published, which was an increase of 35% year on year from 2020. This rise is expected to continuously increase, which also increases the average monthly listeners on Spotify, and the scope for your advertisements to be heard.

Custom Experiences

No two businesses are the same, and that’s why you may want to take a more bespoke approach when it comes to your Spotify adverts. Custom experiences allow you to do just that. From sponsored sessions to custom microsites, Spotify Ads can help you reach the right audience, in your way, we will work closely with you to ensure your Adspend isn’t wasted and it is targeting your audience with a buying intent.

Why Laser Red?

If you’re looking to invest in Spotify ads but don’t have the time or expertise to generate the content and optimise for the best experience, the experienced marketing team at Laser Red can help. We have been working with businesses for years to help deliver the best digital experiences online. Spotify ads is just one of the many traffic and revenue generating advertising campaigns which we are great at. We also don’t take any cuts on your ad spend, so everything you put into your campaign is spent on generating you the best possible ROI!

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