Twas the week before Christmas, when all through the base
Not a person was found there – an empty workplace
Due to Covid restrictions, we all work from home
Communications limited to Basecamp and phone

In contrast to a festive, Silent Night rhyme
The build-up to Christmas is a labour-some time
Projects and promises are our pantomime;
Deadlines, reports and a last-minute design

Ensuring we have cover, while the office is closed
(Not wanting to leave our clients’ sites exposed)
Downtime and DDOS attacks are our fear
No big surprises, come the New Year

While trying to remember the party we had
We donned our glad-rags; all smartly clad
And went up to Harrogate for a good time
Prosecco, beer, shots and wine

And before we commence on our Christmas fun
Sam goes through Basecamp, to ensure our work’s done
Quick! Back on there, before it’s too late
Ensure every task has a final update!

Now Alex, now Alex! Now Liam, Liam, Ben and Ben!
Stop working Joe, Joe, Charlii, Danny and Dan!
It’s time for some fun, Charlotte’s big Christmas Quiz
Open that goody bag, get out the fizz

Will we see the O’Learys videoing their riffs
And providing another twelve months of GIFs?
Or perhaps it’ll all get a little bit lairy
Because one or two have gone and got themselves “merry”

And just before we end for the year,
Up speaks Liam, the one we revere
And we hear him exclaim, before he turns off his mic
“Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good night!”


– Alex Cooper, aged 41 and a half