Google’s March 2024 Authenticity Algorithm Update is reshaping the digital landscape, targeting low-quality content and emphasising the importance of authenticity and expertise.

This time, Google has set its sights on those ChatGPT SEO quick-win seekers. This core update should see a whopping 40% drop in all that unhelpful, low-quality, and rehashed content cluttering our search results.

Say goodbye to quick fixes

The era of SEO shortcuts and black-hat tactics, like promising instant backlinks or using AI to game search rankings, is over. Google’s crackdown aims to clear the web of content that lacks value, focusing instead on material that genuinely benefits users.

When it comes to unhelpful content, we’re talking about content created with the sole aim of manipulating search engines. It’s the stuff that targets specific keywords without offering any real value to the reader—content that anyone or any AI can churn out.

Quality content for the win

The core message from Google is straightforward: quality over quantity. Moving forward only content that demonstrates expertise, experience, authority, and trustworthiness (E-E-A-T) will have a competitive edge.

If your site embodies these qualities, you’re in for a treat. Google’s saying, “Prove you’re an expert, and we’ll help you stand out.”

Now’s your chance to showcase your know-how. Google is also getting sharper at picking up natural language, which means sites that sound like a human wrote them, for humans, are hitting the right note.

Ditch the robot talk; be genuine, engaging, and on-point. This isn’t exactly breaking news.

We’ve been flagging the impact of AI-generated fluff and the significance of E-E-A-T for a while now. However, with Google’s authenticity algorithm update now enforcing these standards, it’s time to sit up and take notice.

While the centre stage of the authenticity algorithm update is centered around the Helpful Content Update, other exciting changes are taking place. If your content is unique, and written with a human touch, you have nothing to worry about.

No more spammy vibes

Google’s cracking down on spammy stuff, too—think sketchy backlinks, taking advantage of expired domains, and other tricks to game the system. Hopefully, this means fewer so-called “gurus” peddling unrealistic fast-track success strategies.

Sites relying on AI-generated content and shady backlinks might disappear from Google’s search results by mid-2024 altogether in favour of genuine content even if the site is less established. If ChatGPT was your best friend when writing content for your site, now is the time to review it and seek help from a professional content writing team.

Links have lost their value

Exciting update on the link front: Google’s tweaking how much impact links have; they’re still important, but they’re not the end-all-be-all. Now, it’s more about your site’s overall relevance and quality.

Previous documentation:
“Google uses links as an important factor in determining the relevancy of web pages.”

New documentation:
“Google uses links as a factor in determining the relevancy of web pages.”

Tech check

Remember the tech side of things. With these updates, it’s clear Google wants your site’s tech to be as solid as your content. Make sure everything’s running smoothly to avoid getting sidelined by technical issues.

Remember, SEO isn’t just the words on the page but it’s also your websites functionality, accessibility and overall performance.

So, what now?

The authenticity algorithm update rollout began on March 5, 2024, and will continue for four weeks. Website owners can expect fluctuations in rankings during this period, with stability returning by April. This timeframe offers a window to adjust strategies and focus on creating meaningful, high-quality content.

For businesses looking to adapt to these changes, producing content that truly resonates with their audience and adheres to Google’s updated guidelines will be crucial to success. Whether refining your content strategy or enhancing your site’s technical framework, the goal is to contribute positively to the digital ecosystem.

If you need guidance through these changes or want to enhance your content approach, we’re here to help. Contact us to collaborate on elevating your web presence with unique content that matters.