The Laser Red office closed its doors 16 weeks ago, sending all staff to work on a remote basis. We initiated ‘Project Island’ – our lockdown protocol, on March 12th and, apart from regular Zoom catch-ups, have not seen each other since.

Back to work during COVID-19

Tomorrow, July 1st; marks the re-opening of our office doors! An exhilarating, yet worrying time for all. While it is not compulsory for any of our team to return to the office, we are reopening it as a base for those itching to get away from the same four walls. Around one-third of the team have opted to return to the office at least one day a week. Most craving a change of scenery and different interactions. But returning to the office to still a very daunting prospect for others.

COVID-19 Office Reopening Policy

Working hand-in-hand with regulations and advice from the Government, Laser Red has adopted a safe means of being able to function in an office environment. Regular sanitation is an absolute must and Laser Red management has been busy installing new hygiene measures throughout the office. This includes antibacterial gel at all entrances and exits to the building, minimising touch points throughout.

Implementing an office rota ensures adequate staffing levels at all times, without over-crowding workspaces. While we trial returning to work from the office, there will be no more than 5 members of staff present at one time, and social distancing measures are also in place at a minimum of 2 metres. Desks have been moved in order to separate workspaces, ensuring staff cannot sit next to one another and there are limits on the number of people allowed to use communal spaces, such as the kitchen, at one time.

No dogs allowed

While Laser Red is famous for our love of dogs, unfortunately, those wagging tails and wet noses are staying at home for now. No one can resist petting our adorable office dogs and we haven’t managed to train them at the art of social distancing just yet! Our doors also remain closed for clients and the public. While our staff are allowed to return if they feel it to be a more comfortable working environment, all face-to-face meetings are still on pause.

During the lockdown, we have had three new starters join our team, and it has been a challenging time for them settling into a new role without the support and meeting the team or being shown processes face-to-face. We are super excited to meet our newbies officially and give them a proper Laser Red welcome (one at a time!).