Here at Laser Red, we’re big advocates for planning.

We like to dive into new projects headfirst and enthusiastic, but we’re always armed with clear goals and objectives.

We’ve found 90-day plans to be the most beneficial way to define a strategy and work together and here we’ve identified the key reasons why:

  • The perfect time frame
    The 90-day window allows you to set tangible goals and gives you enough time to achieve them. You’re not overwhelming yourself and your colleagues with a year-long rigid plan that will more than likely be ditched within the first few months of the year. It allows for flexibility and responsiveness.
  • A chance for reflection
    At the end of your 90 days and before planning the next 90 days you have a clear base for reflection. You can see exactly what you did and the outcome of those actions. From there you can tweak your plans for the next 90 days, less of what didn’t work and more of what did in an effort to find that all-important perfect recipe!
  • Prioritise
    You can’t do everything in one go, especially not in 90 days. This plan forces you to look at your strategy and prioritise your business goals. A team needs to work together to a clearly defined end goal that’s communicated across the business and that way, the business will run much more smoothly.
  • Make your plan visual
    We all have good intentions with goals – take new year’s resolutions for example! Whether they’re business or personal, it’s easy to over-commit and forget about them. We use big, bright poster templates for our planning – visually stimulating, meaning you’re likely to stay on track because that reminder is always there.
  • Work backwards
    We start our plans at the end. It might sound strange, but knowing what you want to achieve is the basis for a successful strategy. Define your goals before you start to plan, so every action is accountable. Each and every point on your plan should be there for a reason and tie into a goal.
  • Be adaptable
    We can never plan for the unexpected. Factors out of our control can have a positive or negative impact on your business, and mean your focus may have to change. A 90-day plan gives you the flexibility to allow for changes in strategy on a quarterly basis.


So to quote an age-old adage, ‘Failing to plan is planning to fail’ and to plan a year-long strategy is a very daunting task, so why not give our nifty 90-day plan tactic a go and you’ll see your business starting to hit goals in 90 days.