Happy New Year from everybody here at Laser Red!

2013 was a very exciting year for us lot in web design; we got to experiment with flat colours, single page designs and continued scrolling, to name a few. And since keeping ahead of the latest web design and development trends is what we love to do, we have come up with some top trends that will be making their way into websites very soon.


Mobile Web Trends 2014 - Laser Red Internet usage on mobile devices continues to grow, and this trend won’t slow down in 2014. In the past, developers created mobile versions of websites that are more easily viewed on mobile phones and tablets, but building responsive sites that adjust to meet the size of the device’s screen is the next step.

So while it’s important to have a website that looks good and serves it’s purpose, it must be compatible with all different kinds of devices.


Website Speed Web Trends - Laser RedIt’s been suggested that 25% of people will leave a website if it hasn’t loaded properly within three seconds – that’s a lot of potential customers that can be lost in such a small space of time!

So, to reduce the risk of this happening, it’s important to make sure all of the factors that affect website speed – the size, type and amount of images, and the code itself – are optimised, ensuring that the website loads and performs at it’s best. A speedy website will not only reduce bounce rates, but it could potentially lead to a higher conversion rate and a higher level of customer satisfaction.


Content Creation Web Trends - Laser RedSEO will continue to be big news in 2014, and one of the top ways to move your website up in search engine rankings is by creating new and interesting content on a regular basis.

This can be regular blog posts about your business and industry, or changing copy on your site to keep up with marketing trends – but, we know as busy business people, you may not have the time to do this yourself. So, why not let us help you?

Our copywriters can create an editorial plan, whether it is for a blog or social media, and update your profiles and website on your behalf. Need more details? Get in touch!


Internet Security - Laser RedNot only do we want your website to be completely secure from cyber attacks of various kinds, but we also want the details of your customers to be safe too, whether it’s payment details for online shopping or contact details for an enquiry – and this is why we always make security a top priority in all of our projects.

Our team of skilled developers use up-to-date programming languages and install the latest applications to secure our servers, ensuring that our work is protected. And as the world of web development is continually changing, we keep up to date with the latest protection methods too.