Lincolnshire digital agency sees continued growth following a successful business merger

We are pleased to announce (officially) that we have expanded our services with the acquisition of Spiral Media, a Lincoln-based digital agency, offering our clients a more comprehensive digital experience.

After two years of collaborating together on a number of projects, the decision to merge the two companies was an obvious choice. Both agencies had the same objective; to strive to deliver the best service and creative solutions for businesses across the UK. Combining all of that talent, passion and experience into one agency made sense on every level.

A better service for our clients

Spiral Media went from a traditional web agency, formed 12 years ago, to an eCommerce focused digital partner for SMEs across the UK. It was purchased by Liam O’Leary, in 2018, as part of an exit strategy by the previous owners.

With the two companies combined, we are now in an amazing position to offer our clients even better digital design, development and marketing services nationally and internationally, with over 20 team members and offices in both Grimsby and Lincoln.

These combined teams give Laser Red an increased wealth of knowledge and skill sharing to draw from, allowing us to provide a complete solution for our clients, becoming an integrated cog in any growing business.

By bringing together these teams, we now have an impressive range of technical skills available to clients, with years of eCommerce experience in retail, both on and offline, manufacturing, logistics, the food and drink industry to name a few.

Growth for the community

We can now boast as one of the largest digital agencies in the county! Within the last 12-months we have employed 7 new team members and now looking to recruit even further as we continue to grow.

Despite the ongoing pandemic, we have also witnessed one of our most successful years to date in 2020 and we are expected to increase by a further 15% in 2021.

Managing Director, Liam O’Leary, says the merger will have great benefits for our clients and the local area;

“We are working hard to develop the best digital agency in Lincolnshire. The growth prospects on the horizon for our industry and business are exciting and we’re fortunate that there are opportunities for continuing to grow. This merger adds more resources and expertise allowing us to continue to improve our service to our clients.”

To find out more about the merger, or to get information about any of our digital services please email the office.