Over 80% of businesses running Google Ads are experiencing wasted ad spend. Campaigns which are not maximising your online potential could also be haemorrhaging money.

If you’re interested in improving your Google Ads performance, an audit is the first step!

Google Ads can be complicated, whether you’re new to the platform or just trying to keep up with the ever-flowing updates, it’s tricky to devote enough attention to the right areas. With that in mind, receiving a free audit can put your business on the path to more successful campaigns.

In our audits, we will:

Review your account structure
This will allow us to analyse your campaign types and set-up. We can then make an assessment on whether a restructure would be beneficial for you.

Assess your historical data
This is a massive part of our audits. We can use your previous data to make predictions moving forward. We can also compare your data to Google’s reporting to see if you’re on track or falling behind your competitors.

Pinpoint areas that need improvement
We will take a look at your account as a whole and provide you with valuable recommendations that can be implemented easily and quickly to improve your ROI.

Reconsider your strategies and goals
It is important to assess your strategies and goals on a regular basis. We take the time to get to know your business and your goal in order to find the right strategy for you.

Review your conversion tracking
Without the correct conversion tracking, your account cannot properly function. It’s vital that your tracking is up to date and reporting correctly.

Suggest short and long terms goals
We will suggest both short and long terms goals to ensure you get the most out of your campaigns. All of these suggestions can be implemented by your account manager to help you achieve your goals.

Our straightforward Google Ads audits provide you with valuable insights, feedback, and strategic ideas moving forward. An audit gives you the best chance of finding opportunities to level up your Paid marketing strategy.

To receive your free audit, get in touch with our marketing team today, email us at marketing@laser.red