Writing can be fun, creative, and a great way to show off your talents! So let’s look at common writing mistakes with this creative little song!

Common Writing Mistakes: A Poem

Let me start off by saying that writing should be fun,
In every single language, it is something that is done,
Writing may seem boring and a little bit tricky,
But once you know the rules it’s a lot less sticky.

Here are a few things that people do get wrong,
I thought I’d entertain you by putting them in song,
Firstly there is tense, as in future, present, past,
Think about what you’re saying and soon it will be a blast!

Then there’s a pesky thing we like to call grammar,
And trust me when I say you won’t need a hammer,
A hammer to bang the rules into your boggled brain,
Don’t give up on it ‘cause that’s an awful shame,

Spelling is another thing that causes quite some strife,
But now we’ve got spell check it should save your life,
Just remember to read all your writing back through,
Check all your sentences and make sure they all are true,

Now I’ll draw your attention to something quite alarming,
The length of your sentences can sometimes be quite charming,
Sometimes when you’re writing and you forget to put a stop,
This can be a catastrophe, it can be a huge flop,
The person that is reading can’t take a breath,
And we all know that leads to eventual death,

And finally watch out for words that all sound the same,
When you need to write it right (or is it, Wright it rite?)- accuracy is the aim,
To end this poem if it’s causing some confusion,
You’ll find all these words create a strong infusion,

If you were hoping for a cure,
I’m sorry there isn’t one in store,
Writing takes practice and it takes some time,
Just remember there is Google and you should be just fine!


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