Last year Mark Zuckerberg confirmed that Facebook’s monthly active users hit 2 billion. Last week Facebook announced its global rollout of its video-on-demand platform dubbed ‘Facebook Watch’.

Watch officially launched in the U.S. in August 2017, but the new ‘watch’ tab feature will be appearing on devices around the world anytime now, you may have already noticed it appear on your navigation bar at the top of your Facebook app.

Social viewing is becoming an increasing trend for 2018 and will continue into 2019. To harvest this growing demand, Facebook have entered the world of video streaming. Facebook have been providing video across their platform for a number of years now. We have also seen that Facebook reward users with a better organic reach when posting videos over static image or text posts.The introduction of Facebook Watch moves away from these short, sub 30 second clips and promotes full feature length video.

Facebook Watch could mean big things for advertisers

1. Ad break ads will likely become more important for Facebook advertisers
2. Facebook Watch gives influencers and social creators a powerful new channel
3. Facebook Live may become even more important for brands
4. Ultimately, Facebook Watch changes the game for video content marketers

Facebook Watch will stand out from it’s competitors

Facebook will allow users to see new uploads from videos they have watched or subscribed to in their news feed daily. They will also be able to see updates from friends channels and subscriptions here too. It will also promote the aspect of communities by giving the user the power to comment, share and spark conversations not only with friends but with video creators. Facebook’s vice-president of video Fidji Simon explained

It is built on the notion that watching video doesn’t have to be a passive experience. You can have a two-way conversation about the content with friends, other fans or even the creators themselves

On Wednesday 29th August, Facebook launched its promotional video. This shows users how to access the feature, the type of content they will expect to see and has a focus on the aspect of being part of the action.



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