As of May 5th, I officially became part of the Laser Red team – or should I say family, actually.

I remember first coming across the job post and having a look through to find out a little about the company and to (hopefully) work out whether I might fit in there. After numerous dog photos and details of potential growth in the role, I thought to myself ‘yeah…this could work’ and applied.

During the interview process, I was given an opportunity to complete some tasks that would showcase my ability to write creatively which is probably one of the key skills that I bring to the team (the other being my ability to do ‘the worm’; perfect for the office Christmas party), not to mention one of my favourite aspects of marketing.

For the last stage of my interview process, I was given the opportunity to meet the whole Laser Red family for a video call, which was so much fun. A few minutes in (somewhere after the question ‘do you like tuna?’) I knew that these were my kind of people, and that if I was given the opportunity to work with them, I would jump at the chance!

Luckily, I didn’t have too long to wait (thanks Charlii) before that all-important phone call, and after a short while running around in circles and making noises that might constitute me as an amateur beatboxer, I accepted the job offer.

I’ve only been here for a couple of days, but already I feel like part of the #LaserRedFam – probably the loud, erratic little sister of the group. I’m really looking forward to getting stuck into some content writing for clients and of course, learning all about the wonderful world of SEO.

Whilst learning the tricks of the trade and immersing myself into as much training as I can, I’ll be helping our clients optimise their website to rank as highly as possible in search engines. I know that algorithms can be pretty daunting, and clients have a lot of other aspects of their business to concentrate on, so I’m looking forward to being able to help them with this!

My advice to anyone that’s looking at applying for a career at Laser Red is DO IT!