Racing To Victory


We love some healthy competition here at Laser Red, although some of us are certainly more competitive than others! Which made go karting at Team Sport in Hull the perfect Laser Red team social for May.

Whilst some of us felt the need for speed and practised drifting around corners, others politely moved out of the way or ended up getting bumped into barriers. One thing’s for sure though, we all need to hit the gym more as our arms ached the next day!

All The Gear, No Idea

Before we could take to the track, we all needed to get kitted out. This included our very own balaclavas, fire proof racing suits and helmets.

We listened to some safety talks and discussed tactics. When we were told the max speed on these electric go karts was 40mph, there were almost audible eye rolls.

In our minds, this was going to be a lot like real life Mario Kart and we were all going to be drifting around corners avoiding bananas. The reality wasn’t quite what some of us had hoped.

40 is the new 100

Turns out 40 does feel quite quick when you’re so low to the ground and you’re whizzing around tight corners. It’s also quick when you consider how much harder the steering on a go kart is compared to a normal car.

All thoughts of tactics went out the window as the more competitive amongst us raced to beat their personal best, and others politely moved out of their way. We might not have beaten any track records, but everyone had tons of fun during the time trials.

Not sure the same could be said about the grand prix though.

Someone Had To Lose

If you’re thinking everyone went with the attitude of just having a great time, you don’t know quite how competitive things get around here. Considering people have nearly gone to war over rubber ducks in the past (don’t ask) this was of course going to be no different.

The grand prix saw two groups racing each other in a bid to not only be the fastest, but complete the highest number of laps. Huge congratulations to Danny and Alex who both won in their individual groups, and commiserations to those who did not.

A Full Workout

In reality, we all had a really good time and it was nice spending some time as a team doing something a little bit different. Our arms were sore, and we were all thankful for our powered steering on the drive home.

I don’t think any of us quite realised how physically demanding go karting would be. From aching palms and arms to bad backs and bumps, we might have come away a little worse for wear but we all have a great time.

We’re excited to see everyone together again for our June agency day on tour. We have something really exciting in store for the team, but we can’t tell you just yet.