It comes as no surprise that Google dominates the search engine market with over 8 billion searches made on the platform every day. People are using Google to search for products, services, solutions to their problems and Google Ads is a valuable step in their search journey.

As we move further into digitalisation, consumers have heightened their expectations around privacy and the way their data is being collected and utilised. To gain trust, Google has rolled out a new Advertiser Verification Programme, which affects all Google Ads account users.

What is the Google Ads Verification? 

The Google Ads verification was rolled out in 2020 to increase transparency between users and advertisers and aims to protect users from fraudulent ads and ensures that advertisers comply with Google’s advertising policies. As such, advertisers must provide documentation to verify their identity and business operations. Google then conducts a thorough review process before approval.

The verification process may include multiple steps, such as:

  • Providing information about your business
  • Verifying your identity
  • Verifying your business with documentation

Since the initial announcement in 2020, numerous advertisers have received invitations to confirm their identity within their Google Ads account. Typically, these invitations are sent via email or notifications, allowing a 30-day window for advertisers to initiate the verification process. For the majority of advertisers, this process is a straightforward task that can be completed in just a few minutes.

Throughout 2023, Google has introduced a range of additional benefits, features, and perks that are exclusively available to verified advertisers. In the following sections, we will explore these benefits and provide 4 top reasons why you should complete the verification early.


1. Creditability

Google’s advertiser verification program helps showcase genuine brands and remove potential scammers from the search results. When people search online, they tend to be cautious and might avoid ads from unfamiliar or suspicious sources, even if they’re actually legitimate.

By verifying your ads with Google, your ads will display a label that makes it clear to users that you’re a real and trustworthy business. This label allows users to easily confirm your authenticity, location, and see other ads you have running on Google.


2. Highlight your brand 

Once your business is verified on Google Ads, you will have access to business brand assets which will allow you to showcase your business name and logo above adverts. This new asset allows you to assert your ads authenticity and promote your brand before a user decides to click your ad.


3. Improved Performance

Upon successful completion of the advertiser verification process, you’ll gain access to exclusive features that are bound to elevate your click-through rate. By utilising these brand-enhancing features, not only will your ad stand out compared to those without verification, but it will also enhance your brand’s image in the eyes of potential customers. When users spot that the advertiser is legitimate and offers a real solution to their needs, they are more inclined to click on your Google Ads.


4. Better support from Google

Google advertising policies can be difficult to manage and it’s inevitable that at some point, you will have an ad or asset disapproved. Fortunately, Google uses several automated systems to check for these disapprovals however, even these systems can falsely disapprove therefore leading to a long awaited appeal. As a verified advertiser, your business will take priority over businesses who have not yet verified their account. This will help ensure any issues within your Google Ads account are resolved quicker and more efficiently and ultimately saving you from losing out on traffic and leads/sales.

To start your Google Ads account verification, follow the steps in Google’s account verification guide here or alternatively, contact the marketing team and we can sort this for you.