In July Laser Red will have been in business for 20 years!

On July 22, 1995 Peter O’Leary, our MD, turned a passion for building websites into a business. Like most things it started small, with only a few clients to look after. Word soon spread and more customers came to Peter for a simple website. A few of those initial clients are still with us today.

Over the years the business changed size, direction and even it’s name but the main driving force remained the same; provide quality web services to businesses, with a focus on customer service. We’ve remained true to this simple mission statement for 20 years now and we have a feeling it works.

It’s an incredible feeling to have been involved in an industry almost from the beginning (the WWW is only 25 years old) and we’re planning on being around for a lot longer. We’ve seen a number of big changes on the Web, and here’s some of our favourites…

  • 1995: Windows releases its first browser, Internet Explorer 1.0
  • 1995: The world gets its first dating website,
  • 1995: opens for business
  • 1995: eBay completes its first auction
  • 1997: American programmer Jorn Barger coins the term “weblog”
  • 1998: Google incorporates
  • 2000: Dotcom bubble bursts
  • 2001: Wikipedia posts its first entry
  • 2001: b2, which became WordPress, is created
  • 2004: Launch of “the Facebook”
  • 2006: Twitter launches
  • 2007: BBC iPlayer launched

We’re extremely proud to have been around for this long and it’s all because of our amazing customers. We’d like to say a big thank you to everyone who’s supported us over the last 20 years. Here’s to another successful 20.