On September 23rd 2019, Google launched it’s third Core Update of the year. Imaginatively named the “September 2019 Core Update”. As for the third time this year, Google announced the update and what it would entail, also suggesting that global roll-out could take a few days to complete. So, almost one week on, what changes have we seen?

Content is king – no really.

We have been banging on for years that ‘content is king’ and it is clear from this algorithm update that Google truly is putting content first. So if you have been living under a rock for the past few years now really is your wake up call to concentrate on your content. The key aspect of content which the update is looking at, is how your content is accessed. Not specifically page by page content, more a grand scale of your credibility, authority and effectiveness.

There are a few things you can do to help however, firstly, focus on quality. Is your content original or just a copy and paste from other sources? Is it something people actually want to read? Or are you just filling space? There is an unwritten rule of aiming for 300 words per page for ‘a good’ content level, but if your 300 words is full of ‘fluff’ what is the point?

Now is the time to really think about the content you’re putting out there and this is aside from your website pages, think about your blogs, articles, news stories and PR pieces, if your content is trustworthy and well presented this will tick the boxes for Google. Sometimes less is more, you don’t need reams and reams of content if it isn’t educational, and noteworthy.

Benchmark yourself against your competition, this is always a great place to start in any audit. But you can do this yourself too. Put yourself in a potential clients shoes, landing on your website and two competitors websites on the same day.. which one would fair? This can be difficult, as you have to put your bias aside and potentially give you competitor credit for being ahead of the game, but this is where you can spark an opportunity!

One week on from the update, are you experiencing any consequences?

If you have noticed a significant increase or decrease in rankings, this might be the immediate result of the update. However, it does not necessarily mean that you are being penalised or rewarded by Google’s update. These changes can, according to Search Metrics, mean that websites that were previously unfairly overlooked, or not given the credit they deserve, now perform better – and vice versa.

The Google update will also affect some industries more than others, for example, news and sports outlets are more likely to see a significate decrease or increase in rankings compared with other industries. Health, fitness and arts and entertainment are also up there with those most likely affected in the global roll-out.


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