We see a lot of top 10 trends, guidelines to success, how to be a better creative and articles on how to run your business. These are usually published from highly successful people that possibly never really knew their own advice and possible got lucky, but now, with that commanding crowd on twitter, they feel the need to share their story.

We only ever read from that small percentage of people who succeed; remember how many are like you, trying to make that splash. Most successful candidates are usually the ones that possibly just fell in, due to wearing shoes pool side. When you see a list like this, the best thing to remember is that thousands of other people will also take this advice seriously and set about making this list their new 10 commandments. We become overwhelmingly insignificant, fast and bound by rule we dry out. Just listen to your heart and stay consistent.

A lot of trends can account for HIPPOS, that’s a Highest Important Person’s Personal Opinion and again someone who got lucky, and it possibly doesn’t keep them from sleeping at night. Relying mainly on statistics and ratings, so careful not to offend that they can only produce lifeless works that are always similar to what you have possibly seen before, because that’s the way things are going. Remember, like you, they are bored with trends. Hit them with something original once in a while, these people don’t know what they like until they see it.

Moving from statistics to over forms of mathematical creativity, I would like to talk about computer arts. Electronic graphics have come a very long way offering us real and very unreal results. But are audience’s bored of things imitating life? I’m a keen illustrator but I’m now tiring of vector based art. Your route from A to B tells a story and should not be a mathematical equation. When you draw a line or curve, it’s those little bumps and mistakes that we make that give rise to originality and not a mathematical formula that defines it for you. Don’t get me wrong, some vector art when used in the right place can look great. However, if used all the time all the world will begin to look the same. That’s why I appreciate my wobbly lines because they are me.

When pitching, I tend to draw very rough, the idea is to let the client see what they want to see without it looking complete, because looking complete assumes final, with no room for their valuable input and at the end of the day we want to make them happy. Don’t worry if you don’t sleep, it’s just because your passionate, give them a sense of wonder.