Are you in the process of writing content for your shiny new website, but not sure where to start?

Or are you trying to write some blog posts to help with your SEO efforts, but are not sure what to include?

Fear no more – we are here to help!

If you really don’t want to get stuck into writing the copy for yourself, our digital marketers are able to provide a full copywriting service too.

Copy length

You need to get the right balance. Think about your target audience – how much time are they likely to have to browse through your copy? Yes you want to provide them with all the information possible about your products and services, but you don’t want to bore them.

Think about how you are going to engage your readers, whilst conveying your message at the same time.

For your copy to rank well on search engine results pages, Google recommends blog articles and website pages to contain around 500-1000 words.

Know your audience

This is something that is so easy to forget about. Picture your perfect customer in your head when you are writing the copy – what information would they be interested in knowing? What is important to them, is it price or quality?

Is this customer someone who has purchased from you before, or do you need to explain your USPs to them in detail?
Copywriting Tips - Know Who Your Audience Is | Laser Red

Identify your USPs

Think about what sets you apart from your competitors, and make sure you shout about it!

If a customer has received an email from you, or is visiting your website, they are already half-interested.

You need to think about converting them into a customer. Therefore your copy needs to be persuasive, and clearly highlight why you are the best in the market.

Have an objective

It is all very well spending time creating amazing copy, but you need to have a reason behind creating it. There is no point sending out emails for the sake of sending them out.

You need to think about this before you begin to create your copy. It should have some purpose.

Create a compelling headline

Or subject line (if you are writing an email). The headline is the very first thing that your customers will see: it needs to be attractive and engaging. Make them intrigued and encourage them to read on further.

Some great ‘buzzwords’ can really make the difference – for example ‘new, exciting, exclusive’. Make them feel special!Create Compelling Headlines - Copywriting Tips | Laser Red

Include a customer quote or testimonial

The best way to affirm what you are saying, is to get someone else to say it for you! If you are raving about how good your product or service is, it looks even better if a previous customer is saying this.

Customer testimonials add an extra sense of trust – their views are unbiased, and indicate how they really feel.

Include relevant keywords

This is vital if you are writing copy to help with your SEO – for example content for your website, or blog posts. You should be including a mixture of keywords which are relevant to the product or service you are talking about. But don’t ‘keyword stuff’.

Your final article should read well to your customers, not solely cover everything search engines need in order to rank you well.

Keep your copy clean

What I mean here, is think about the layout. Are you clearly introducing your product/service, before showcasing its USPs? Use bullet points, lists, font style; anything you can to break up the layout of your text. And don’t forget images and videos – these can sell your products without you having to do anything! But don’t use stock photography.

If you are talking about a service that you offer, include a picture of your staff carrying out this service.Award Winning Laser Red Digital Agency Design Tong Engineering

Test your copy

Like with any marketing campaign, your copy should be tested too!

Trial the impact of different headlines, or even something more simple like changing the font you are using. Read your copy out loud once you have finished it too – it should read smoothly.

I hope you have found this useful, and it has given you a good starting point if you are thinking about writing some compelling copy, but don’t know where to begin.

If you want to get in touch to find out more about our SEO focused copywriting services, or have any questions about copywriting please do give me a call or email [email][/email].