Understand your dog’s bark!


While working with a client on creating revolutionary voice recognition software for their new website, the development team at the local digital agency; Laser Red stumbled across their latest discovery.

The software which will be the first of its kind was discovered to be able to read the different pitches and tones within a dogs bark. Matching this against some clever coding, the tech wizards at Laser Red have been able to translate a dogs bark into spoken English language.

Laser Red is a forward-thinking company and is already home to three office dogs. This discovery was made while testing the software, while it picked up on background noise of the office dogs barks.

The software is still in the early trial stages but promises to be fine-tuned within the coming months to allow conversations to be had in real-time with dogs. It is said that the software can also be tweaked and programmed to work with other animal species, but the testing is yet to be underway.

This breakthrough will be revolutionary to pet owners all over the world.