The year is 1995; we are experiencing the driest summer in history, whilst listening to Robson & Jerome’s ‘Unchained Melody’ on repeat. Only 1% of the UK population has internet access and a young Peter O’Leary is turning his passion for building websites into a business.

Starting from humble roots just as the internet itself did, Laser Red has flourished over the years. We’ve grown, both the size of our team and also the knowledge and passion the team brings to our clients. Laser Red now deals with international organisations with a 16-strong workforce from our quirky hub in the heart of Grimsby.

We had a great 2019, with our team growing by 2 new staff members, we launched 31 new websites and we ate 52 social lunches, but we think 2020 may just top it! So keep an eye on the Laser Red social platforms, as this year, we’ll be celebrating our 25th birthday a few ways. Things to look out for are comparisons of 1995 vs 2020, 25 reasons to work with us and a spotlight on our clients. We’ve also earmarked a few days where we will be donating our infamous red for some worthy causes.

2020 is shaping up to be an exciting year, and that doesn’t just include our birthday party which we’ll be hosting in the summer. We also have some big news on the horizon.

Some people celebrate their birthday for just 24 hours, others manage to stretch it out over a week. But here at Laser Red, we are celebrating for a full year, you only turn 25 once right?!

Despite our busy year of celebrations, we will still be developing incredible websites, pixel-perfect designs and results-driven marketing. So, if you want your business to soar in 2020, contact the team today or on 01472 878496.