24 hours. 1 full website project. Many, many sleep-deprived colleagues. What could possibly go wrong?

That’s right! We’re going to plan, design, develop, write and add content to a brand-new site…all in just 24 hours. We must be mad.

BUT it is all for a local charity based in Grimsby, so that totally makes it worth the lack of sleep.

About the Project

Laser Red have teamed up with a fantastic local charity, who are based in our hometown of Grimsby. Nunny’s Farm is a community petting farm located on the Nunsthorpe Estate, looking after a range of animals and offering care farming and volunteering opportunities.

They were founded by an amazing group of people who wanted to give something back to Grimsby and create a space that could be a benefit for the whole community, providing both adults and children with the opportunity to learn about animals and their all-important upkeep and care. Most of the animals have been rescued or donated, and are now looked after them like family pets by the expert team at Nunny’s Farm.

Here at Laser Red, we’re passionate about all things digital, but we also care deeply about charity in our local area, so this project seems like the perfect way to put our skills to the test for a cause we really believe in.

The website or the egg

It’s less commonly known that hens lay eggs roughly every 24-hours. Nunny’s Farm have a number of hens on site so when the first egg is laid, we start the clock. We are then against mother nature to see if we can build our new website before the next egg is laid!

Why a new website?

The current Nunny’s Farm website is limited in its flexibility, it needs to be easy to change quickly with the day-to-day running of the Farm.

The aim of this project is to:

  • Create new design guidelines and assets to increase brand awareness
  • Deliver a new website that is flexible and easy to manage
  • Increase website traffic and awareness online through digital marketing
  • Deliver this project within just 24-hours

Design: We plan to work on improving the branding and logo design in order to help make the brand more consistent across all channels and more recognisable to end users/visitors. This will include a close analysis of user demographic, but we want to keep some aspects of Nunny’s Farm’s traditional branding that the people of Grimsby have come to recognise.

Development: All of our development work is bespoke and completed by our in-house team. We want to be able to provide the best, long term solutions for our clients so our code is highly optimised for best practices, performance, security and accessibility. For this particular project, there will be some additional functionality, such as a third-party donation service which will allow visitors to donate online.

Marketing: We will be setting up the new site with marketing best practices in mind, ensuring the pages are fully audited for SEO. We will also be writing the content and formatting all of the pages for a positive user experience.

How can you support us?

We are expecting to start flagging around the 10th hour. Any food, drink or other donations direct to our office will certainly be welcome. Pep talks and words of wisdom to get us through the night – we will need by the bucket load! But most importantly, your donations and sharing of our progress will mean the most. We really want to help raise awareness and sponsorship money for this amazing community project, if you’re like to help out please drop us a line!

How we are feeling about the event

We asked some of the team how they’re feeling ahead of the challenge:

“I can’t wait to get stuck into the 24hr challenge for Nunny’s farm! See who in the team gets a little crazy after no sleep but all of us coming together to create something new and exciting for an amazing charity! I’m super proud to be part of it as Nunny’s Farm is such a hidden gem of grimsby and run by an amazing group of people. If you’ve not been, get yourself down there, see what they are doing and help if you can!”Danny G, Design Team Lead

“Although we work with clients from all over the world, our local heritage and connections with local businesses are always still at the heart of everything. Not only is this challenge in support of an amazing local organisation, but we have had so much support from other local businesses, from helping to raise awareness to sending us food parcels for the event”. – Charlii G, Marketing Team Lead

“I’m really looking forward to it, it’s something I’ve never done before and I’m sure it will be a challenge! I’m grateful we get to support a local charity in such a unique way. Plus I hear there are rumours of a special guest…”Alex W, Backend Developer Team Leader

“This is probably the most exciting part for me as I will be far more involved in the build up and planning than actually doing anything on the day. So many local companies are offering time, supplies and support. It’s also my first big team event, so that will be a good challenge. I know it’s been super hard for charities over the last 2 years, so it’s excellent to see a fab local cause benefitting like this. P.S – Does anyone have an Alpaca we can borrow?!?”Sandii R, Admin Assistant

“This will be my first 24 hour challenge with the Laser Red Team and I am so excited! Getting the chance to focus our efforts together up against the clock is going to be brilliant. And it’s for charity, which is an added bonus!”Charlotte B, SEO Executive

“I’m very much looking forward to being involved in this challenge. It’ll be a great day for both the Laser Red team and for Nunny’s Farm. I’ve taken part in 24 hour challenges previously and always find them really rewarding; especially when they’re for a charitable cause. It’s sometimes difficult to see how we as an industry can provide support for charities other than sending money towards their causes, so having a project that we can create from the ground up and give to this charity is amazing. The atmosphere around these events is always positive and it’s something we’ll all remember for a long time.”Ben W, Developer

We’re almost ready to go! We have copious amounts of coffee, livestream equipment, a nap area and lots of animal photos to keep us going. Let’s do this!