As our team continues to grow, we welcome our newest Front-End Developer, Danny! In the short time since joining us, Danny has become another very welcomed team member.

Before venturing into the world of development, Danny attended the University of Huddersfield and received a Computer Science Bachelors degree. Once he left university, Danny joined a local company in Leeds where he started doing temporary SEO work. He then moved to a permanent QC role at a different Leeds firm, before becoming a developer.

When asking Danny why he decided to join Laser Red, he listed all of the great benefits that we offer as a company. From company holidays to flexible working hours, the position was a good fit for him. Since joining, he has added to the reasons why he decided Laser Red was the company for him. Here’s what Danny had to say when asked about his favourite things about the job:

“The wide range of websites and different people you meet, every day is different so you’re never stuck in Groundhog Day which is easily done in other repetitive jobs. As well as leaving your own creative flair on websites with animations alongside functionality.”

He also added that he is most looking forward to:

“Having a wide portfolio of challenging but aesthetically pleasing websites that you can be proud of creating and having a good impact on the development world.”

We always like to include a bit of personality when welcoming a new member to our team. Danny’s main hobbies include the gym whilst playing 5-a-side football matches very badly in between (his words, not ours). He also enjoys spending his free time at festivals and his local pubs.

A fun, but slightly strange fact about Danny is that he is double-jointed in both thumbs. He has a single transverse palmar crease, which only around 1.5% of the population has. That definitely makes for an interesting party trick!

If you’re interested in seeing how Danny can improve your website, contact our team today!