I’m very excited to join the Laser Red team!

I can’t wait to get to know everyone better, they seem like a great bunch (his words, not ours…promise).

I found out about the job on The University of Lincoln’s careers page after completing my Public Relations and Communications degree there. I decided to go ahead and apply, mainly because the digital side of marketing really appealed to me, but also because they have dogs in the office. It’s so crazy and exciting to be able to start a career straight out of uni, the feeling of impending adulthood soon set in after living my best life at university, it makes all of the hard work and sleepless nights so worth it though!

The chance to be trained from the ground up is really exciting. PPC Marketing is not something that I’ve had much experience with but I’m really looking forward to learning and then being able to help clients increase visits to their sites! My strengths lie in my time management skills, personally I feel they’re impeccable (essential for this role to meet deadlines!). The flexibility of working with Laser Red and the ability to grow within the role and the company is something that I’m excited about too.

The interview process was really laid back, I had an informal call with Tom first to introduce ourselves, he then set me some tasks to see what I could do, they were really fun and I must have done a pretty good job! I then had a call with the whole team…that was pretty daunting I can’t lie. There were so many faces and so many questions, the most surprising being ‘if you were an action figure, what accessory would you come with and why?’ Needless to say it was a lot more informal than I first thought, but that put me at ease and allowed me to be myself.

Everyone has been so supportive, I can really understand now what they mean when they say the Laser Red team is more of a family; everyone is always willing and wanting to help each other. I’m very keen to learn lots of new skills and I feel that my determination will one day get me on a level with ‘The King of Clicks’, otherwise known as Tom Kelly (we swear these are Joe’s words, Tom hasn’t written this at all…)

I’m also looking forward to getting involved with some social time and activities with the team. I’ve got some party tricks up my sleeve, I can do a backwards somersault on the floor, and so much more! They’ll have to wait and see…