So having been one of millions of viewers across the world to have watched the highly anticipated heavyweight boxing contest between Anthony Joshua and Andy Ruiz. This was a boxing match that threw up an extraordinary yet unexpected result. I started to think about the approach taken after the fight by Joshua. Anthony’s mindset within his sport is not too dissimilar to leading sales and business people across the world.

It would be easy to sit back, make excuses, point the finger at anything and anyone else. Some would then hide from what actually happened. It would be so easy to go under the radar and wait for the storm to pass. It’s almost unthinkable to see why anyone would choose the opposite. Running head first into the fire where there is a strong chance you’ll get burned again isn’t a fun sounding prospect for anyone, regardless of how seasoned you are in your profession.

Are sport and business mindsets similar?

I began to think about mindsets in business and sports are similar. I also noticed how the mentality of Anthony Joshua is evident within sales and business people that I come across on a daily basis.

All the best sales and business personnel face challenges. They face rejections and losses week in and week out. What sets apart the best sales and business personnel across the world is that they know at some point in their career they’ll face rejection and losses. They plan for it, measure it and most importantly they react accordingly.

Addressing a loss and planning steps needed to move forward is a key part of success. Working out how to change what maybe a fine margin between success and what is seen as failure by some, is key to building on the platform you’re currently standing on. This is what help to send you on the trajectory towards your business and sales goals.

Following the fight Anthony Joshua sat with the press, congratulated his opponent and only talked about keeping focused, measuring his performance, working to amend the mistakes he feels were made. He then made it clear that he would be implementing changes. Anthony’s aim is to drive success next time out. Anthony did this despite continuous questions about his training camp, if something was wrong in the lead up to the fight and if he looked past Andy Ruiz.

Prepare to fail or fail to prepare

This approach taken by Anthony Joshua is key as he is already focused on what comes next. He won’t be caught off guard, he’s prepared himself. He’s ready to take the actions necessary. He’s looking to elevate himself back into contention with the very best in the world’s heavyweight boxing scene.

One thing to remember is that you can’t win all the time. Life’s just not like that. At some point something will eventually upset the apple cart. It’s how you respond to it that will have the biggest impact on how well you move forward in both business and life.

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