Something big is happening to the internet; it is said to be the biggest change since the internet began.

Over 1,000 new domain name extensions are being released over the next three years in what is being called ‘The Dot Big Bang’. No longer do you have to have .com, or .net, but you can choose from a whole selection of innovative and highly-useful extensions.

The new domain name extensions, called Global Top Level Domains (or gTLDs), have been created to allow brands to grow, and have more control over, its digital footprint. The first round of gTLDs are already available to buy, and the remaining can be pre-ordered. Plus, you can also sign-up to be notified of when certain domains become available.

gTLDs are all industry sectors, interests and locations, and there are some random ones too, just in case you wanted your website to be a bit of a talking point. For example…

Business: .salon, .legal, .industry, .trade, .plumbing, .engineering, .accountant, .agency, .builders, .florist, .training, .contractors, .law, .marketing, .direct, .associates, .limited

Geographic: .international, .place, .earth, .london, .town, .map, .world, .scot, .city, .town, .world, .country, .voyage, .cruises, .boston, .cymru, .nyc, .amsterdam, .paris, .madrid

 Interests: .live, .party, .food, .pictures, .eat, .you, .flowers, .makeup, .bingo, .pink, .shoes, .beer, .film, .pics, .wedding, .hangout, .science, .recipes, .luxury, .pizza, .fans, .garden

Others: .reviews, .events, .download, .network, .cooking, .rocks, .ninja, .vip, .win … and lots more!

Which gTLDs are available now?

.tips, .photos, .equipment, .estate, .graphics, .careers, .kitchen, .contractors, .solutions, .gifts, .codes, .solar, .repair, .support, .company, .today, .land, .technology, .tattoo, .builders, .farms, .link, .buzz, .house, .guiatars, .florist, .coffee, .camp, .glass, .systems, .management, .recipes, .plumbing, .bike – and many more.

How do you get these domains? Well, it’s easy.

Simply get in touch with us by emailing, calling 01472 878 496 or by filling out our Contact Form to find out more about gTLDs and the full range of domain name extensions available. You can then send us a list of your chosen gTLDs and we’ll do the rest!

For those that are yet to be released, there’s a chance that more than one business may want the same domain, so enquiring and pre-ordering the extension will provide you with a better chance of securing it.

You’ll be notified as soon as the address is released, and you can decide whether you want to proceed with the order.

Why choose a new domain name extension?

And there are many benefits to the new gTLDs too. For starters, the new sector domain names will more accurately describe your business, and location domains will be a great tool in marketing your business locally.

Also, the gTLDs will provide distinction between your business and those companies of similar names, minimising any confusion and preventing any unwanted associations with your brand.

With the new specific domains, those searching for your business’ website can be sure they have found the right website, and this could then lead to an increase sales and leads.

But of course, there are things to look out for too. It is possible for people to buy a domain and have the extension as .sucks or .expose, e.g. (yourcompany).sucks, which could potentially harm your brand. The extensions .discount and .save, for example, can be used to set up a website to sell counterfeit goods. This can be monitored by conducting regular web searches, and your web hosting supplier will be able to assist with possibly getting the domain blocked.

How we can help you.

Did you know that we are also Red Cloud Hosting? No? Well, we are. We provide reliable, fast and secure hosting to clients, and are easily contacted via email or telephone to help with any server and hosting problems – including gTLDs pre-order and registration.

To pre-order your new domain name, call 01472 878 496 or email