Marketing is something we all do, either deliberately or not, we all do it. Someone asks about you and your business, and you reply – this is marketing at it’s simplest, and this is how Laser Red has developed.

However, over the years we have not really changed how we market our services; we receive many referrals from our existing clients, plus we have a lot of long-term clients who like what we do. But now I have time to research and develop our marketing strategy, I’m beginning to see how exciting marketing has become. To research, I have been reading email newsletters from marketing businesses who would like Laser Red to use their services, and read heavy books like Principles & Practice of Marketing, (one of Rob Powell’s handbooks from his Marketing Degree, thank you Rob) and Marketing for Dummies by Alexander Hiam.

So, where is this leading me to, you may ask? Well, Laser Red is a small company and we have not had time to really think about marketing, not in a cohesive way. From looking at what we have done in the past, which to be honest, has been a bit hit and miss, we will be putting a plan together (hence the research). Yes, hands up, I’ve had no time to really think about marketing – we have been really busy – and I expect a lot of other firms have been here, too busy doing the work to ‘work’ on your business. So, I am pleased my Co-Directors have taken up some of my duties to allow me time.

Research has shown what I should consider and how I should also move forward to market our services and products. Right now I expect you’re thinking, products? Yes, we do ordinary websites and specialist online databases, and we really excel with WordPress websites, but we also have our own products that can help you, ironically with marketing your business. One example is our email templates. Visually it will look similar to your old-fashioned letter head; it will carry your contact details and any details required by Companies House and the HMRC.

Back to marketing, I’m finding this a really interesting subject and I’m considering the way forward for Laser Red, and at the same time I have started to see how Laser Red can help other small companies with their online marketing. A quick look at our client portfolio does show that we have a lot of clients who, like us, have been busy with their business, and perhaps not been working on their business. We have already started to promote our Social Media support, and you will be reading more about this soon.

So to conclude, Laser Red have stepped up a gear with our marketing. We will of course be looking at the analytics of what we do, and once we have positive results from research, we will be offering support to our clients. Please contact us if you’d like to know more about how we can help with your online marketing.