Laser Red has its first new starter of 2022 – Andy McDonald!

Andy studied at West Anglian King’s Lynn college before moving onto Staffordshire Uni to do computer game programming.

After completing his studies, Andy began his developer career at in Stafford before making the move back across the country to Louth. From there, he moved onto a job in Grimsby but eventually realised he needed a new challenge;

“I got fed up of working on only internal projects. It became the same thing day in and day out and I wanted a new challenge. I decided I wanted to try agency work again and my previous boss, who is a great guy, helped put me in touch with Laser Red. He knew it would be a perfect fit!”

“Even though I’ve only just started, it’s already a welcome change for me. There’s a different type of challenge every day, with a focus on looking forward to see what we can do next.

I’m also keen to learn more about new fields. I’ve already agreed to a teaching exchange with a fellow developer – I’ll teach him something new and he’ll teach me!”

So what is it about development that gets you out of bed in the morning Andy?

“Anything is possible in programming. Any problem can be solved by programming. If you think to yourself, ‘I can’t do that’- we can!

With development, you can find a way to make things work if you look hard enough. I really enjoy problem solving and seeing the final result of my work. That’s what makes code so interesting.”

When Andy is not diving into new developer challenges, you’ll mostly find him watching history documentaries and playing video games.

He is also a member of Lincoln┬áHEMA, which stands for Historical European Martial Arts. History is a big passion for Andy and he’s been an active member for over three years now.

“I love history, especially military history, and who doesn’t want to be able to play with swords?!”