Gone are the days when you’d slap together an email template and blast it out to your 12,000 strong list. It’s no longer the matter of throwing enough mud and hoping some sticks. With the help of powerful email campaign software, you are now able to send personalised messages to each of your subscribers.

Relevant content is the key to getting your subscribers to engage with your email campaigns. Which according to 58% of marketers is their #1 priority. So what can you do to improve that?

In this post, I’ll share my top 3 most effective tactics you should be using to engage your subscribers and create successful email marketing campaigns.

1. Personalise your emails!

It’s no surprise that I’ve put email personalisation at the top of my list. I don’t mean simply adding their name to the email subject line, although that is a great start. Making sure your lists are up-to-date and accurate is key. This allows you to send individualised email campaigns which will help improve engagement. Your subscribers need to feel like you know and understand them.

“Emails with personalised subject lines generate a 760% increase in revenue from segmented and targeted campaigns” – The Direct Marketing Association

2. Segment your lists!

Segmenting your email lists helps you connect with your subscribers in a powerful way. Not all content is relevant to every single one of your subscribers. Put yourself in their shoes. Do your male subscribers need to see that email about the sale on lipstick? Do your elderly subscribers need to see the brand new skateboard you’re selling?

Email Segmenting from Laser Red Digital Agency in Lincolnshire

Through a simple signup form, you can gather A LOT of information from your customers. You can get information such as marital status, interests, age, gender or location. Using this data to send relevant emails will help skyrocket your revenue!

3. Create GREAT content!

You’ve got all the details you could ever need. You’ve got your segments created and waiting – time for content. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again – Content. Is. King.

Creating engaging content that will inspire your customers and connect with them is vital. People expect more from brands than pure ads. Their time is precious and you need to make opening your email worth their while. One of the best ways to do this is by creating value-rich content. News, tips, free ebooks, templates, anything that they can take away from the email and use.

If you can connect with your subscribers on a personal level through your email content, they will convert into customers and embrace your brand.

My final thoughts…

For a successful email campaign, you need engagement. It’s as simple as that. Help give yourself the best chance by creating relevant, personalised, value-rich content. Connect with your customers and understand how they’ll view your brand.

This will not be a quick change. As your customers’ interests evolve, so will your content and tactics. Good luck!

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