There’s much more to email automation than just emailing a client once they’ve signed up to your mailing list. With the correct software, you can pretty much control the entire customer journey through email automation alone. It’s something we’re introducing more and more into our email marketing client’s campaigns.

I’ll admit, it may take you a while to set up initially, but once it’s all in place, it’s a life saver. In this blog post, I’ll quickly cover my top 5 benefits of email automation. They are not the ONLY benefits, but they’re what I think are the main benefits. So, grab a coffee and let’s get into it.

1. It will save you time

After the initial templates are set up, you only need to choose the specific trigger and you’re good to go. After that, it’s easy street. You don’t need anybody to click send, and nothing will get missed if they’re on holiday. Email automation works 24/7. Perfect.

Saving time with email automation

2. It reduces errors

If you originally had somebody writing and sending emails to all your new leads, there’s a huge chance that mistakes could happen. We’re not robots, it happens and usually at the worst time possible. All it takes is writing somebodies name incorrectly or missing the “m” off a “.com” email address and you’ve ruined it. You’ll lose trust from the recipient, instantly. Let the robots do it.

3. Increased brand awareness

As the customer is making their way through your journies, they’ll be triggering several of your email automations. Over time they’ll naturally see your logo and your brand more and more. Their awareness of what your company is and what you do will grow. This means next time you call them for a testimonial or a general chat, they’ll be more inclined to listen. Trust is everything. Once you have their trust, you’re sorted.

4. Having a plan is key

Most other businesses just send out emails willy-nilly without rhyme or reason. Don’t be most businesses. Email automation allows you to carefully plan your email strategy to the very end of the customer journey. Plan each and every step of your campaign.

By having goals and targets, it allows you to alter your automation or email templates as you need to. You can’t hit targets if you don’t know what you’re aiming for. It’s important your automation is designed to help improve your email engagement.

5. It saves you ? money ?

With the correct planning and thought process, you will not need a large sales team chasing all your leads. Instead of having teams of people cold calling clients and keeping them updated, leave that to your emails. Get your sales team approaching leads when they’re ready to be contacted. You will not need any additional admin staff making sure emails are going out. The robots are doing it for you.

Saving money with email automation


Those are just 5 of the many, many reasons why email automation is incredibly useful. You don’t need to be a huge conglomerate to have a successful automation campaign. If anything, it’s the sole traders and smaller businesses that could benefit more. Spend your limited time on nurturing the correct leads, instead of cold calling the wrong ones.

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