Seeing as you all loved our previous blog post on our top fonts for the year, I thought it was about time we put another one together. So without further ado, here are the best free fonts which we will be using throughout the year.

I have even included links to directly download the fonts, so you can start using them within your work today!

1. Akrobat

A strong, timely classic. This is a great font for headlines, logos and short paragraphs of text. Essentially, it is an updated ‘Modern Sans Serif’ font with condensed proportions. It is available in 8 weights and a wide range of languages.

Akrobat - Top Designer FontDownload Akrobat

2. Wild Youth

A beautifully hand drawn brush script which really reflects the great outdoors, and has a sense of adventure surrounding it. This font would be perfect for quotes on social media, and would also look great on clothing.

Wild Youth - Top Free FontDownload Wild Youth

3. Delicia Melted

Even the name of this font just sounds great! And the fact that I managed to find an image that looks ice-cream coloured is an added bonus! The font was originally designed for the Mexican Museum of Chocolate (hence ‘melted’). This would look great for any food-related branding though.

Delicia Melted - Top Free FontsDownload Delicia Melted

4. Somatic

Somatic is a much simpler font, created by a talented designer and illustrator based in New York. It has a simple structure, with nicely rounded edges – I could really see this being used for a logo, aimed at a younger audience.

Top Designer Font - SomaticDownload Somatic

5. Inkferno

Onto number 5, halfway there! Inspired by a modern classy style, Inkerno represents both the minimalism and the luxury that is provided by the semi-serif typeface. This font would be ideal as a heading or logo font, particularly with its defining features and the funky ‘kicks’ that you can see. Personally, I quite like the ballet dancer poised in the background too!

Free Design Fonts - InkfernoDownload Inkferno

6. Decalotype

Decalotype is a much more versatile font and is suitable for a wide variety of uses. It is narrow, with a sturdy sans serif design and is available in a huge 14 different styles! A good all-rounder I would say.

Free Designer Fonts - DecaloDownload Decalotype

7. Casual

Bold name, but you can really see why (no it isn’t the mountain backdrop that makes it more casual!). It just feels, sort of floaty – the flicks and varying weights throughout the font, much like calligraphy. I could definitely imagine using this font for an up-market fashion brand.Free Fonts for Designers - CasualDownload Casual

8. Buffalo

No, we don’t mean the animal. This American-looking font is very loopy and quirky, with a real vintage feel about it. Buffalo would be a great font to use for branding and promotional projects.

Top Designer Font - BuffaloDownload Buffalo

9. Setta

The penultimate font we think is one of the best for 2017 is Setta. It is a new, modern calligraphy typeface which looks beautiful and elegant at the same time. This would look fantastic on greeting cards, clothing branding, or any design that needs a personal touch.

Free designer font - SettaDownload Setta

10. Aruna

Saving the best until last – here is Aruna. I am a big fan of the leafy background, as well as the actual font. Aruna comes in 6 different weights, and is a modern font with unique, rounded serifs. this would be great to be used in both logo design and typography.

Aruna - Top Free Font for 2017Download Aruna

So there you have it, the top 10 fonts for 2017. I would love to hear your favourites and any cool fonts that I have missed. A bit of an upgrade since our last ‘20 must have fonts for designers‘!