Here at Laser Red, we want to share our digital knowledge with the world! That’s why we have put together some Expert Top Tips for you, straight from the mouths of our digital clever cookies.

This month, we asked our marketing team some questions about their biggest frustrations online, and how our clients can avoid making mistakes that will affect their SEO and marketing strategies.

As digital marketing experts, what is your biggest frustration when looking at a website and why?

1. Not being mobile friendly
2. Broken links and broken images
3.Long paragraphs of text which are not broken up and difficult to read
4. No clear journey or buttons to find important information quickly
5. No page headers and titles

“These things combined are so important for the user experience, we give a website less than 2 seconds to grab our attention, landing on a website which doesn’t fit the screen properly is my biggest pain point. I refuse to pinch and scroll on the screen so will leave straight away. If I am trying to navigate around and the links are not clear or broken then I will literally give up, it happens so so often too! Page titles and headers are not only great to understand the flow of the page and pick out important sections quickly, but they are SO good from an SEO perspective and I always rate a site by how Google would score it.” Charlii – Marketing Team Leader

“Poor or irrelevant content. If I’m looking at a website, I want to get a real feel for the company and the services or products that they offer – I don’t want to be left with more questions than answers! Sometimes, the goal from the company is to encourage potential customers to get in touch with them directly, but there is a fine line between ‘sparking a conversation’ and simply not providing potential customers with enough information.” Anna – SEO Marketing Junior

What should clients avoid doing online and how would doing this negatively impact their marketing/website?

“Clients should avoid NOT responding to negative feedback, whether it’s on their site, their TrustPilot or their Google Business page. Negative feedback is an opportunity to show off your positive customer service.

Always be aware of any and all review systems you’re being talked about on. Don’t forget that ANYBODY can create a TrustPilot for your business and leave you a negative review, but it’s down to you to respond in a timely manner. Give somebody ownership of the role, but just make sure they’ve got thick skin and lots of patience.” Tom – PPC Marketing Expert

“Not keeping their site up to date, there is nothing worse than visiting a site which just appears outdated. Menus from 2018, last blog post from 2019, old COVID info from the first lockdown in 2020. These combined just makes it look like your business has closed down and will be very off putting for a potential client.’ Charlii – Marketing Team Leader

“From an SEO perspective, poor or low content pages will negatively impact a site’s search rankings, if a user cannot find the information they’re looking for, they’re likely to just leave. This will increase the site’s bounce rate, again negatively impacting their SEO!” Anna – SEO Marketing Junior.

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