Do you know what today is? It’s National Puppy Day!

But that’s not all – it is also National Chinchilla Day! – and it just so happens that the Laser Red team’s numerous pets includes both!

We love our furry friends, and most days you will find happy pups wandering around our office, helping out with staff morale and sniffing out the biscuits.

And for all you chinchilla lovers out there, our developer Lisa has a gorgeous little family of the adorable creatures! They don’t come into the office for obvious reasons, but we get treated to lots of great pictures.

So in honour of both National Puppy Day and National Chinchilla Day, here are some fun facts about these amazing animals, as well as some photos of our own lovely pets!

laser red pups ziggy

Puppy Fact #1 – Puppies have baby teeth! They lose these at around 4 months and get their adult chompers

Puppy Fact #2 – The largest litter of puppies ever recorded was 24! That’s a lot of pups!

Puppy Fact #3 – Some puppies have been known to be born bright green in colour. This is due to a type of bile in the mother dog’s placenta

Puppy Fact #4 – Puppies are born blind and deaf, and rely heavily on their mother for the first few weeks

Puppy Fact #5 – Studies have shown that puppies like it when you sing to them 


Chinchilla Fact #1 – Because of their natural habitat, chinchillas like to have dust baths! They do this to remove dirt and excess oils

Chinchilla Fact #2 – For a rodent, chinchillas live for quite a long time, with an average lifespan of 10 years in the wold and 20 years in captivity

Chinchilla Fact #3 – Chinchillas have the densest fur of all mammals on Earth, with 20,000 hairs per square inch

Chinchilla Fact #4 – Chinchillas are very social and like to spend time with others. If you have them as pets, it is recommended you get at least two so they won’t get lonely. Awww!

Chinchilla Fact #5 – They can jump! Some have been known to jump up to 3 feet high!