Today is National Superhero Day and it’s the perfect time to celebrate all heroes; both real and fictional and so we’re focusing on the digital world.

Our real superheroes – NHS workers, frontline staff, and key workers, are working hard right now every day to keep all of us safe – eat your heart out, Superman!

Superheroes of the digital world

So, while we’re nowhere near that level of badassery, we do have some particular super powers of our own. The digital world can be a confusing and overwhelming space, but thankfully, we’ve got our own team of heroes to help you out.

Developers – Tanks

Although there is a misconception of developers as athletically-challenged, chained to their desks, Developers are actually the Tanks of the digital superhero world. It takes a lot of strength to reach into the bowels of a broken or complicated website and dig out the important stuff.

Our Developers have plenty of that strength, diving headfirst into any website that comes across their desks and beating back the gremlins and ghosts in the machines to get them working correctly again.

Designers – Elementals

In the comic books, characters with elemental powers are able to conjure up fantastic forces from the elements; fire, earth, water, and air.

This ability requires a lot of creative thinking! After all, you need to come up with various ways to use tornados, sparks, and tree roots to defeat your enemies!

Likewise, our Designers have their own creative forces to call upon.

Using colour, shape, textures, and a skilled eye for detail, they can take a website that looks drab and defeated, and turn it into something that turns heads. Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s your brand new site design!

Marketers – Speedsters

Speedy superheroes like The Flash appear to be everywhere at once – using their powers to perform several tasks at once to amaze their fans and bamboozle the bad guys.

Our Marketers have similar powers – sometimes you’ll think they’re everywhere at once! Managing blog content, social media, on page text, optimising imagery and maintaining SEO; this team is able to juggle so many tasks together that it’ll seem like magic!

It isn’t of course, they just know how to plan well and make sure every campaign gets their full attention from start to finish.

Account Managers – Psychics

Psychics are some of the most powerful superheroes around – Professor X, Martian Manhunter, Doctor Fate – these are big hitters in the superhero universe. Knowing what the future holds is a handy ability to have if you’re trying to navigate choppy waters.

Although our Sales Team isn’t really psychic (sorry!) but they do have great insights when it comes to knowing how to future-proof your eCommerce business. They know what will work and what won’t, and are able to direct you and your business through the digital landscape.

If you are battling the League of Evil Website Gremlins yourself and need some help, give our super team a call or drop us an email. Alternatively, feel free to send up a Batsignal instead – we’re sure to see it!