Every year we run a summer internship to share our knowledge and experience with people who would like to improve their web design or web development skills. This year we took on Ashley and boy did he learn a lot!

In his own words…

“I have been doing work experience at Laser Red and it has been a complete eye opener to the world of website development and design. The amazing team made me feel welcome from day one and gave me a tour of their great office with the video games in the corner!

It wasn’t long before I was put to work on building a mock project. I haven’t had much experience at all in web development after coming out of the military but I flexed what little HTML and CSS skills I had and got the basics down. I really struggled with the layout of the blog page, trying to get the columns in the correct place was one of the most challenging elements.

I gave a presentation on my work to the team and I was ripped to pieces and given a lot of constructive criticism (I actually think they enjoyed it a bit!). The guys have strict rules regarding their code in order to make it as clean as it can be. It also has to be as efficient as possible to give the client the fastest web page they could have.

So, it was back to the drawing board, as I had cheated a little bit and placed images in where there should be content. After another week the pretend site, along with my time here was done. So I would like to end by extending a huge thank you to the team for all of there help and I hope I haven’t annoyed them too much!”

Ashley giving us his presentation

As a parting gift we got Ash some cervezas to help him relax after a hard few weeks with us. We wish Ashley all the best for the future, we’re sure sure he’ll make a great web developer some day.