Welcome to our junior support developer, John! John has recently passed his probation after working with us for the past 6 months in his first developer role!

John has been working hard on the support and hosting team to answer all of our client questions as well as getting stuck in on some smaller projects. John has an insight into what it’s like being a client as he has worked for some of our incredible clients in the past.

Now that John has been with us for some time, we asked him what he has enjoyed about working with us. John mentioned how fantastic and friendly our whole team is and how many interesting companies we work with that he wanted to be a part of. When asked what he was looking forward to, here’s what he had to say:

“I’m excited about learning new things and working with my incredibly talented team of colleagues to deliver projects for our clients. I’m looking forward to learning some more advanced development techniques and being able to grow my skills. I love that my job role can be flexible and I’m not just put in a box.”

We have already benefited from John’s spreadsheet skills which have helped us to keep organised and streamline some of our processes. Having already been on our staff holiday to Barcelona earlier this year and joining us for our agency days, we asked John what else he was looking forward to. Here’s what he told us:

“I’m looking forward to growing my skills and continuing to learn as I haven’t worked in development before. I am also looking forward to being involved with bigger and more complex projects.”

It’s been great getting to know John professionally; however, we also love getting to know all the fun bits! John loves playing RPG games as well as binging his favourite TV shows like Rick and Morty. Recently, John has started getting into woodworking by building his dad a music stand and replacing a window which was rotting away. John is also taking a year out from studying computer science at university.

If you’re interested in seeing how John and the development team can help your business, get in touch with us today!