A big welcome to our latest back-end developer. Mihaela. Mihaela has recently joined our ever-growing team, and has become a welcomed edition!

Mihaela started her developer journey as a junior full-stack developer at the University of Lincoln Students’ Union. Since then, she has added 2 years of Computer Science at the University of Hull to her list of accomplishments. As she is so passionate about Computer Science, she has impressive plans to re-enrol for a third year. Outside of university, Mihaela has widened her horizons by completing MOOCs. She has been interested in MOOCs since they first appeared as a concept.

When asking Mihaela why she decided to join Laser Red, this was her answer:

“I decided to join Laser Red because it seems to be the type of company that is people-oriented. The more I read about its values, the more I felt a sense of belonging because we share a very similar concept of the future.”

Mihaela also quoted:

“I am particularly excited about making a contribution to the community and convincing more women to start coding.”

All of our new starters have had great things to say about their first few days, here’s how Mihaela is feeling:

“My favourite thing about the job is meeting such a passionate group of people, that value collaboration, hard work and honesty.”

A mission that Mihaela has set herself is to improve her development skills and become an expert within her field. She wants to be the person that always has the best answers to any problem.

At Laser Red, we like to showcase the fun side of our team. In her spare time, Mihaela is a lover of board games, video games and books. She also has a fascination with all things miniature, such as Dollhouse Miniatures. Another passion of Mihaela’s is her cat, Juno. She’s even thought her adorable 4-legged friend to fetch – That’s pretty impressive considering some of the Laser Red dogs haven’t mastered that yet!