A big welcome to our newest account manager, Pete. Pete has been part of the Laser Red family for a few weeks now, and now that he’s had time to settle in, we thought it would be a great time to give him a grilling and ask how his experience has been so far.

In his free time, Pete loves to be with his family. He has 2 children aged 8 and 9 who keep his free time fairly occupied. With a passion for all sports, Pete can often be found running, cycling, or on the cricket field. This year, Pete is also taking part in the Grimsby 10k and Half Marathon!  

Here at Laser Red, there is never a dull moment. Both our team and clients provide our daily schedule with excitement so when we asked Pete what has been his most exciting experience or learning moment in his first 4 weeks with us he answered,

“It’s exciting to work somewhere that makes a big difference to a business. I’ve always worked in industries that chase customers, it’s very refreshing that they come to us for help!”

Jumping straight into the role with two feet, Pete has already worked with some of our fantastic clients and made an impact. In his first 4 weeks, Pete’s highlight moment with a client was helping to onboard the clients from the &Beyond agency. Offering them help, gaining their trust and moving swiftly to help with a smooth transfer.

When asked why Pete wanted to join the amazing team at Laser Red, he answered

“From the outside, looking in, it looked a great company to be part of and represent and felt the company could be culturally a really good fit for me and my skill sets. I was looking for somewhere to build another long-term career, where I’m happy and settled.”

And that’s a wrap, folks! Stay tuned to see what exciting work Pete gets up to and continues to bring to our team.