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Usually priced at £100, our digital audits are now available for free on this limited time offer.

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What makes our audits different?

Optimise your website’s performance and security with our expert digital health checks. Designed for marketing managers and CMOs in medium to large businesses, our audits provide essential insights to enhance your site, generate more leads, align your brand or get ahead of your competitors.

Created by humans

We don’t rely solely on software to conduct generic audits; our health checks are crafted from the expertise and insights of experienced developers and marketers.

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Personalised to you

We take a personalised approach to our audits, ensuring they are tailored to your industry’s benchmarks and your specific business.

Tried and tested

With over 25 years of experience, we have conducted audits that have helped hundreds of businesses enhance their online performance.

Who is a digital audit for?

Our digital health checks are aimed at internal marketing managers, CMOs or businesses owners within medium to large businesses that oversee their company’s online presence.

If that is you, keep reading…

Do you want to maximise your online potential?

Our audits identify any risks and address them promptly to prevent potential issues.

We analyse strengths and highlights areas for improvement, ensuring your digital assets are fully optimised to meet your business objectives.

Do you want to implement improvements that contribute to your company’s success?

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What do you have to lose?

It sounds expensive

Our digital health checks are completely free.


I’m busy, it’s going to take too much time

We understand time is crucial. Our comprehensive audits are designed to be thorough yet efficient, providing you with detailed insights within a short turnaround time.

It won’t be anything I don’t know, so it’s pointless

Our audits delve deep into aspects you might not have considered. We use advanced tools and methodologies to uncover hidden issues and opportunities for improvement that can make a real difference.

I’m scared of what might show up

Discovering issues early is the key to preventing bigger problems. Our goal is to provide actionable insights that empower you to enhance your website’s performance and security, not to criticize.

I don’t want to be sold a bunch of stuff we don’t “need”

Our focus is on delivering valuable insights specific to your website’s health. We provide recommendations based on your needs, without any pressure to purchase additional services.

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Read how we store your data: Privacy Notice

Why Laser Red?

We’re an innovative digital agency that partners with brands like yours to transform your online presence. At the heart of our approach is a deep understanding of what drives consumer engagement and sales in the digital world.

Challenges & opportunities

You might be aiming to add significant value to your business or simply refining your existing digital strategy to meet evolving market demands.

Whatever your specific objectives, the underlying challenge remains the same: improving how your business performs online and that is where an audit comes in.

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Improve your online presence

We recognise that each of your challenges, whether it’s insufficient lead generation, fierce competition, or substandard returns, each stems from a common need for a more robust online presence.

Our clients often tell us they feel lost in the vast digital landscape or overshadowed by competitors who seem to always be a step ahead.


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Get ahead of your competitors

Our approach is not just about fixing problems but about turning your online platforms into powerful assets that drive growth and establish your brand as a leader in your industry.

By enhancing your digital footprint, we help you not only meet your current business goals but also set new, higher standards for success in your industry.

“I have worked closely with Laser Red for nearly three years. They have built us a new website and helped grow our portfolio to become one of the most searched companies in Northern Ireland in the renewables industry.”

Adam Newell, Solar Power NI

“We enjoy working with Laser Red. They are a brilliant team with great ideas and enthusiasm. So much hard work went into our project and we appreciated being kept in the loop throughout.”

Cass Brennan, Laughing Dog Food

“The overall performance we saw from day one was unbelievable. We continue to receive a large number of online leads, which usually turn into new and ongoing business.”

Daniel Morrison, OceanBlue Logsitics

“I cannot thank Laser Red enough for their help with taking our small start-up to new heights. They’ve generally been an all-round great strategic partner and fully immersed themselves into our business and industry.”

Jordan Brompton, Myenergi

“Laser focus and dedication every time! Working with the team is a joy. They’re not just service providers; they’re partners in our journey, adding a touch of magic to everything they touch. The results speak for themselves, and we couldn’t be happier.”

Joe Daft, Autrix