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Digital Beehive

An ambitious strategic marketing plan.

Digital Beehive, a specialised firm in the technical and compliance-heavy sector of NEC contract management software, faced significant challenges with their digital presence. When they came to us, they had a website that failed to drive leads or effectively represent their innovative ambitions in a traditionally rigid marketplace.


The Digital Beehive team found themselves with a site that was both content-poor and ineffective in lead generation. This issue was compounded by the technical complexities and strict compliance requirements of their industry.

Eager to avoid starting from scratch but needing substantial improvements, they turned to us to enhance their existing site’s performance and lead generation capabilities through comprehensive digital marketing strategies.


We conducted a full technical audit of the existing site, identifying and rectifying technical and performance issues.

Once we identified the issue, we crafted a detailed SEO and content roadmap to dramatically improve organic search visibility over 12 months. working in arallel to SEO, we implemented a meticulously planned PPC strategy to boost immediate visibility and lead acquisition.

To ensure long-term success and alignment with their visionary goals, we held several digital strategy workshops with the Digital Beehive team.


From a baseline of ranking for only 3 keywords, Digital Beehive now ranks for 127 keywords, an impressive 42x increase in relevant keywords.

They achieved the number one position for their crucial keyword term “NEC contract management software,” outperforming established competitors, in less than 12 months.

Thanks to our targeted PPC efforts, lead generation has tripled. The website’s content has quadrupled, enriched with creative copy that not only informs but engages audiences.

Stats in the first 12 months

increase in ranking keywords

increase in lead generation

position for their most crucial keyword

“Laser Red have been pivotal to our makeover. Their creativity, professionalism and attention to detail has been impeccable and we have always received a sterling level of service from every member of the team. I would highly recommend the team at Laser Red.”

Lauren Flatt, Digital Beehive