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Launching a new brand into the digital world.

Florins, established in 2021, is a dual-division firm providing legal services in Wills & probate and financial and wealth management. Founded by Sophie and Graham, former partners at Blow Abbott in Cleethorpes, they brought extensive industry expertise and a loyal customer base to a new location under a new brand.


As a brand-new business in a small market town, Florins needed to establish a strong brand identity and an effective online presence. They required a clear message, tone, and a website to ensure visibility and attract clients. Their dual focus on legal and financial services meant catering to distinct audiences while maintaining a cohesive brand.


We crafted a flexible website for Florins, highlighting both sides of the business to their respective audiences.

Recognising the unique needs of each division, we developed a brand with two colour schemes, allowing customers to easily differentiate between the services.

This clear distinction helped resonate with each audience segment. Additionally, we launched an SEO marketing campaign to boost their online presence and grow the brand.


Within just six months, Florins began ranking in their local market for their top keywords. Their order book filled quickly, and they are now exploring new services to offer their clients.

In the first year, Florins surpassed all records for acquiring new clients. By the second year, their leads had tripled.

Just 3 years later, Florins in now an established brand, recognised for their unique identity, warm service and expertise in their field.

“We always receive first class service from Laser Red and are very happy with the advice and support we are given for all aspects of marketing they deal with for our accountancy firm. Our website and social media forums are now getting some great responses with the SEO work being managed by them”.

Sophie Vines, Florins