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An international marketing strategy resulting in rapid growth

Forterro, a visionary company based in London. They’ve carved a niche by investing in industrial mid-market software companies, facilitating their growth amidst digital transformation challenges. With over 40 offices, 1,600 employees, and supporting 13,000 industrial businesses, Forterro’s brand presence is robust and expanding. Our role was to integrate our strategic expertise, particularly for their Northern European operations, ensuring strategic cohesion across their diverse portfolio.


Forterro approached us with a number of challenges. Beyond the complexity of managing a portfolio with cross-product competition and marketing budget cannibalisation, there was a pressing issue of under optimised digital presence.

Each sub-site had been replatformed, focusing on rapid deployment but neglecting critical SEO optimisations and proper website structure. This resulted in weak marketing strategies across Northern Europe, compounded by technical inefficiencies that hampered online visibility and performance.


We embarked on a comprehensive overhaul of their digital content and marketing strategies, ensuring each sub-brand’s uniqueness and relevance to its target audience.

Concurrently, we initiated a close collaboration with Forterro’s website development team, rolling out a roadmap of technical fixes to address the SEO shortcomings. This meticulous process aimed to enhance site health, focusing on optimisations and proper structure, thereby boosting each site’s search engine visibility and user experience.

The results were a testament to our collective efforts, with an average health score increase from 60% to 95%, underscoring the technical and strategic enhancements we achieved together.


The results were seen immediately. Forterro saw a significant increase in leads, within the 1st month. The business expressed a notable reduction in workload, now confident in the strategic direction and execution.

More tangibly, we witnessed new business growth and improved lead generation across three product lines. This strategy also opened doors to new customer segments, further expanding Forterro’s market reach.

Stats in just the first 3 months

increase in leads

technical issues fixed

average increase in website traffic

“A truly exceptional and brilliant agency to collaborate with. They are experts in their field, demonstrating a level of reliability. Throughout our partnership, they have consistently delivered outstanding results. Their commitment to excellence is evident in every task they tackle, making them an invaluable partner for us.”

Megan Gee, Forterro Group