The HBP team gathered around a screen in their office.

HBP Group

Transforming physical spaces.

 The HBP Group, a prominent player in the IT solutions sector based in Lincolnshire. With three companies under its umbrella – HBP Systems Ltd, Kamarin Computers Ltd, and Jugo Systems – HBP Group excels in empowering businesses to leverage technology for growth and efficiency.


Over the years we have helped HBP Group with various challenges, from a complete rebrand to website design and development. With this latest challenge the HBP Group was grappling with a new significant issue.

Their internal branding was virtually non-existent, and their office spaces were in dire need of a revamp. Picture this: white walls everywhere, not a single element that echoed their brand’s message or history. It was clear that these uninspiring offices weren’t just a missed opportunity for branding but also impacted the team’s morale and creativity.


Our approach was two-fold.

Firstly, we focused on transforming the look and feel of the HBP Systems office in Scunthorpe. This wasn’t just about splashing some colour on the walls; it was about infusing the entire space with the essence of the HBP brand. We designed numerous features for the walls that not only brightened the space but also conveyed the brand’s message powerfully to both employees and visitors. From celebrating the company’s extensive history to a dynamic welcome wall, every element was thoughtfully crafted.

One innovative highlight was the wellness wall. Recognising the importance of mental health and well-being, we incorporated a dedicated space filled with helpful contact details for various support services. This feature was not only a testament to the company’s care for its team but also acted as a valuable resource.


The transformation had a huge impact. Brand recognition soared, and the new design elements became a focal point for discussion among visitors, enhancing HBP Group’s brand image. More so, the refreshed office space now aligns with the company’s ethos, particularly in supporting mental health and well-being. The introduction of colour and meaningful designs has created an environment that stimulates creativity and productivity among the team.

This project showcases how thoughtful design can transform not just a physical space but also how a company feels and communicates its identity. At Laser Red, we’re proud to have played a part in redefining HBP Group’s office environment, making it a vibrant space that truly reflects their brand and values.

“Laser Red have delivered some fantastic work for us and are always a pleasure to deal with!”

Phil Denham, The HBP Group