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Maximising return on adspend

Hydraproducts, a key player in the hydraulic industry and a proud member of the R&G Group. Their struggle with an underperforming Google Ads account presented a golden opportunity to showcase our expertise.


Hydraproducts found themselves in a digital marketing quandary.

Their Google Ads campaigns were running without a clear strategy or direction, leading to a significant wastage of resources. The lack of optimisation and bidding on irrelevant terms meant that not only were they burning through their budget, but they were also unable to harness data for informed decision-making due to a lack of lead tracking.



Our first step was conducting a detailed audit of their existing Google Ads account to identify the inefficiencies and areas for improvement.

We then restructured and optimised the account, ensuring it was aligned with the latest Google campaign strategies and developed assets tailored to Hydraproducts’ specific needs.

Our approach was meticulous and data-driven, focusing on eliminating waste and maximising return on investment.


The results spoke volumes:

  • We halved the cost per click, making each marketing pound work twice as hard.
  • Leads increased threefold, driving more potential business than ever before to Hydraproducts.
  • Additionally, saving Hydraproducts £500 in wasted ad spend within just four months.
  • These changes not only enhanced their digital marketing efficiency but also laid a foundation for sustainable growth and improved decision-making through effective lead tracking.
Our key stats

cost per click

increase in leads

over £500 in wasted spend

“Easy to work with, communicate with, and their efforts have helped push us through with the multisite project. Kept in the loop with each part of the projects, with fortnightly check-ins, full transparency on task work. Great communication. Just what we wanted. A great relationship with great results.”

Ben Bates, R&G Group