Hydraulic Megastore

Exceeding revenue targets by 300k

Hydraulic Megastore, we’ve seen them grow into a leading supplier of hydraulic equipment, serving a diverse range of sectors globally. Their commitment to providing quality products through their e-commerce platform, hydraulicmegastore.com, has set them apart. Yet, as digital landscapes evolve, so too must digital platforms.


Faced with an aging e-commerce website and ambitious goals to double online sales within 12 months, Hydraulic Megastore was at a crucial turning point.

The need for enhanced functionality, better ERP integration, improved SEO and PPC conversion rates, and a strategy to outpace competitors was clear.

The challenge was not just about upgrading; it was about reimagining their digital presence to meet and exceed these objectives.


We rolled up our sleeves and built a new e-commerce platform on WooCommerce, tailored to the unique needs of Hydraulic Megastore. This included:

Bespoke functionality to streamline the customer journey, featuring an advanced search system.

Enhancements in user and mobile friendliness and accessibility, ensuring a seamless experience across devices.

Optimised SEO metadata integration for superior product search visibility.

Strategically crafted PPC campaigns to attract new customers.

ERP system integration for efficient data flow and management.

This holistic approach was designed not just to meet current needs but to future-proof Hydraulic Megastore’s digital ecosystem.


The transformation exceeded expectations:

Increased traffic via SEO and PPC, bringing more eyes to the website than ever before.

Improved customer engagement, reflecting in higher conversion rates and online sales.

The introduction of automated marketing tools like abandoned basket functionality and remarketing ads re-engaged lost customers.

Streamlined backend management for the client’s team, making product and data handling more efficient.

Stats in 2023

generated online, compared with £1m in 2022

online visitors, compared with 111k in 2022

over the target turnover

“Excellent work. I would highly recommend Laser Red to anyone and everyone! They’ve helped us so much over the years with our website and even designed and programmed the worlds first online hydraulic hose builder for us! You will not be disappointed if you choose Laser Red!”

Chad Morton, Hydraulic Megastore