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John Greed

Improved performance and reliability leading to sales growth and restored confidence.

In the vibrant world of jewellery retail, John Greed Jewellery stands out as a beacon of innovation and customer satisfaction. Renowned for its exclusive engraved designs and an extensive collection of top brands, this UK favourite has personalised over 250,000 products, earning its spot at the top of Professional Jeweller’s Reach List for four consecutive years. Yet, despite their success, they faced significant digital challenges that threatened their growth and customer service excellence.


Our journey with John Greed Jewellery began amidst their struggle with technical issues stemming from their Magento 2 platform. Previous partnerships had left them with unresolved problems related to patches, upgrades, and unreliable site performance.

These issues not only hampered online sales but also affected the overall reliability and effectiveness of their marketing efforts, leading to a pressing need for a solution that could restore their website’s functionality and confidence in their digital presence.


Our strategy was clear and focused: streamline, update, and innovate. By reducing and refactoring the existing codebase, we eliminated the need for unnecessary and overly complex extensions that bogged down the site’s performance.

Our team ensured John Greed Jewellery’s site was always running on the latest version of Magento 2, diligently applying patches and embracing major version upgrades to keep the platform secure and efficient. Beyond maintenance, we also introduced new features and enhancements, positioning the website at the forefront of e-commerce innovation.


Performance and Reliability: Our interventions significantly improved site performance, leading to enhanced reliability and a noticeable uptick in customer satisfaction.

Sales Growth: With a more robust platform, John Greed Jewellery saw a notable increase in online sales, average order values, and year-on-year (YoY) sales growth.

Confidence Restored: The directors now view their website with renewed confidence, assured in its ability to support their business and future ambitions.

Through our focused Magento expertise, we’ve not only resolved longstanding issues for John Greed Jewellery but also set them on a path of digital excellence. This project is a testament to the importance of technical improvements, effective communication, and a deep understanding of client needs in overcoming digital challenges and driving business success.

“Good project management and their communication is much better than other agencies I’ve worked with in the past. I must commend the knowledge and understanding of Laser Red team and their help with our website.”

Chris Conway, John Greed Jewellery