Laughing Dog

Transition from Magento to WooCommerce that boosts sales & subscriptions

When Laughing Dog, a storied dog food producer based in the idyllic Lincolnshire Wolds since 1936, approached us, they were at a crossroads. Despite their proud heritage of crafting quality dry meals, mixer meals, and treats on their family farm, they faced digital-age challenges that curbed their online growth and customer engagement. Our mission was clear: to transform their digital presence and unlock new avenues for growth.


Our initial analysis revealed Laughing Dog’s struggles were rooted in their Magento 2 e-commerce platform. High maintenance costs, cumbersome updates, and the inability to introduce crucial features like dog food subscriptions had stifled their online potential. These challenges not only hampered sales but also limited their ability to innovate and meet evolving customer needs.


We recommended a bold move—migrating from Magento 2 to WooCommerce. This strategic pivot was designed to streamline their operations and enhance customer experience. Our team undertook a comprehensive overhaul of their e-commerce strategy, focusing on:

Design and Functionality Improvement: Enhancing the website’s usability and aesthetic appeal to provide customers with a seamless shopping experience.

Bespoke Subscription System: Developing a customised dog food subscription system, enabling customers to manage their repeat orders effortlessly, a feature critical to building customer loyalty and predictable revenue.


The transition to WooCommerce marked a turning point for Laughing Dog:

Operational Efficiency: We dramatically reduced site maintenance issues and costs, allowing for smoother, quicker enhancements and feature additions.

Boost in Sales: The improved website and the introduction of the subscription model led to a noticeable uptick in online sales, average order values, and year-on-year growth.

Subscription Success: Our bespoke subscription solution transformed their business model, with subscriptions now accounting for over 50% of monthly sales, significantly improving cash flow and customer retention.

“We enjoy working with Laser Red. They are a brilliant team with great ideas and enthusiasm. So much hard work went into our project and we appreciated being kept in the loop throughout.”

Cass Brennan, Laughing Dog Food