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Digital transformation for a global powerhouse

Myenergi, a pioneering force in the sustainable energy sector, spans across Great Britain, Ireland, Germany, Benelux, Australia, and New Zealand. With a mission to empower global sustainability through innovative energy solutions, they faced a critical challenge: their existing website was slow, not in line with their style guide, difficult to manage, and falling short on accessibility standards. Recognising the need for a transformation, myenergi sought a solution that could propel their digital presence forward.


The core challenge for myenergi was their website’s inability to keep pace with their dynamic, eco-conscious brand.

High maintenance costs, sluggish development times, and a misalignment with the company’s visual and accessibility standards were barriers to their growth.

myenergi needed a digital platform that could not only embody their commitment to sustainability but also ensure a seamless, engaging user experience for a global audience and attract new audiences to engage with their sites.


In response, a comprehensive strategy was crafted to revitalise myenergi’s websites, this consisted of a global rollout over a 18 month period of 6 new websites.

The focus was on aligning the new sites with myenergi’s style guide, enhancing flexibility and control through an improved CMS admin panel.

This approach aimed at empowering myenergi with the capability to manage content effortlessly, ensuring that future developments could be implemented swiftly and efficiently.

Key efforts were made to boost the site’s performance, accessibility, and technical SEO, laying a solid foundation for myenergi’s global digital strategy.

The updated platform was designed to be as dynamic and forward-thinking as myenergi’s own innovations in sustainable energy.


The revamped digital presence marked a significant turning point for myenergi. Not only did it achieve global consistency in branding and message, but it also led to a marked increase in engagement, with more enquiries and purchases from around the world.

The site’s enhanced usability and accessibility have made myenergi’s sustainable solutions more accessible to a broader audience, supporting their mission of global sustainability.

This strategic overhaul of myenergi’s website has not only aligned with their commitment to the environment but has also positioned them for continued success and leadership in the sustainable energy market.

Stats in the first 12 months

new global subsidiary sites launched in 18 months

global website visitors each month

in new business generated each month

“Website rebuild, then rebuild of 6 subsidiary websites onto our first single global platform – in 18 months. On-time. On-budget. Thanks to Laser Red”

Tom Barker, Director of Marketing at Myenergi