German Shorthaired Pointer, pointing stood in water on rocks surrounded by autumn trees

Pointer Pet Products

Standing out on the shelves, and increasing consumer engagement.

Pointer, a pioneer in dog biscuit production since the 1950s, presented us with a unique challenge. Based in the heart of Lincolnshire and a staple in UK pet shops, Pointer needed its packaging to reflect the modern, high-quality essence of its brand without straying from its heritage.


Pointer’s existing packaging felt outdated, failing to resonate with the contemporary consumer or reflect the innovative spirit of the brand. With the launch of their new Grain Free Treats, Pointer faced a critical need to differentiate this line within a constrained colour palette, while also rejuvenating its overall brand presentation to remain competitive and relevant.


We approached Pointer’s challenge with a strategy that honoured its legacy while steering its brand identity into the future:

Creative Redesign: We developed multiple packaging concepts that modernised Pointer’s aesthetic while ensuring familiarity for existing customers. This involved subtle changes in fonts, imagery, and layout to align with current trends.

Consumer Validation: To guarantee market resonance, we tested our designs with target consumers, gathering insights that informed the final packaging designs.

Brand Asset Expansion: Recognising the need for a comprehensive brand toolkit, we created custom graphics, product photography, and social media assets, alongside extensive brand guidelines to ensure consistency across all brand expressions.

Technological Integration: We worked closely with Pointer to provide 3D renders and full print-ready templates, enabling a seamless transition from concept to shelf.


Our collaboration with Pointer has transformed the brand’s shelf presence and consumer perception:

Modernised Brand Image: The refreshed packaging has successfully updated Pointer’s image, positioning it as a modern and appealing choice for pet owners.

Enhanced Market Presence: Pointer now stands out on the shelves, confidently competing with other brands and compelling consumers to engage with and purchase its products.

Unified Brand Identity: With a robust set of new brand assets and guidelines, Pointer is well-prepared to maintain its revitalised identity and continue captivating its audience.

“We enjoy working with Laser Red. They are a brilliant team with great ideas and enthusiasm. So much hard work went into our project and we appreciated being kept in the loop throughout.”

Cass Brennan, Laughing Dog Food